CBS Joins Alera Group, as a Division of Benefit Commerce Group


We are pleased to announce that Cambridge Benefit Solutions has joined Alera Group, the nation’s 15th largest privately held employee benefits firm with more than 90 locations across the nation. Cambridge Benefit Solutions is now a division of  Benefit Commerce Group, an Alera Group Company.

Our firm has had strong growth over the past five years, and we expect this transaction to result in continued growth for our firm and for the services and support that we provide to our clients.

This transaction is good news for Cambridge Benefit Solutions and good news for the employers we serve. We are excited to be part of this national company that shares our passion for innovation and collaboration! 


This will add to our growth and our opportunities to assist our clients.

  • Our consultants, service teams and leadership will not change.
  • Our office will remain at its current location in Chandler, AZ.
  • We will have even greater resources to provide service and support to our clients.
  • Our company name will not initially change, although you will see "A Division of Benefit Commerce Group, an Alera Group Company" next to our logo and our name on upcoming materials an our website

A little bit about Alera Group:

  •  It was formed in January 2017 through a merger of 24 like-minded, high-performing independent firms across the U.S. Since then, more than 50 additional firms have joined Alera Group, including Benefit Commerce Group in August 2019 
  •  Alera Group has more than 2,000 employees in its firms and locations throughout the nation. 
  •  It was formed to create a national platform for best-in-class firms that provide unmatched results for clients like you.  

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The CBS Mission:

Provide business clients with the most innovative and cost-effective solutions for their employee benefits program. 

  • Focus on company’s fiscal needs and strategic plans  
  • Customize benefit offerings to fit employees’ needs 
  • Streamline administration processes to save time and eliminate redundancies 
  • Educate employees on smart healthcare consumerism  


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Our staff and valuable partners collaborate to offer traditional and innovative solutions for employee benefit programs.


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