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The team at Cambridge Benefit Solutions works hard to find and deliver alternative, uncommon strategies to solve the challenges many employers face when it comes to employee benefit plans.

Highly Valued Accomplishments

American Leadership Academy


CBS provided ALA charter school with expert renewal negotiation and marketplace options. In partnership with Black, Gould & Associates, we used our relationship with insurance carrier to negotiate a significant renewal increase down to a single-digit increase AND extended the contract to an 18-month term.

Caliente Construction


With the implementation of a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), comprehensive wellness program, and industry specific purchasing group strategy, CBS has helped Caliente achieve substantial savings.

Horizon Community Learning Center


We have combined many strategies to help Horizon charter school enhance their benefit program and save on premium. The school offers benefits through an industry purchasing group and has incorporated HSA and HRA options. CBS has helped implement wellness and personal health concierge services that have lead to renewal rate reductions and significant claims savings.

Integrated Mission Support Services - NASA, Kennedy Space Center


In 2016 we helped IMSS get substantial premium savings through expert negotiation and marketplace knowledge. CBS also provides full-service administrative support including: online enrollment support, enrollment processing,  consolidated billing, SCA Fringe Benefit accounting, COBRA administration, and IRS 1094/1095 reporting.

JS Redpath Corporation


CBS has been the benefit consultant for JS Redpath since 2000. During this time, we have worked with our partners at Black,  Gould & Associates to consistently leverage the carrier and negotiate renewal rates. On average, the group's plans have renewed at low single-digit increases-- well below the industry trend for large groups.