Health Care Tools


Health Plan Consumerism & Employee Education

One of our goals at CBS is to educate you and your employees on how to be wise healthcare consumers. These are some of the resource we offer:

  • Tips to be a wise healthcare consumer
  • Programs and resources to control pharmacy costs
  • Tips to eliminate overpaid claims and incorrect billing
  • Resources for disease management
  • Tools and resources for ongoing employee health and wellness communications
  • Recommendations for health advocates and healthcare concierge vendors  

Save on Pharmacy Costs

Workplace Wellness

CBS is passionate about wellness and we want to be your workplace wellness partner. One of the value-added services we provide our clients is consultation, coordination, and support of corporate wellness initiatives. For lager clients, we are generally able to provide a wellness program at no charge. For smaller clients we can help with a low-cost or self-administered wellness program.

CBS's Wellness Program

Health Care Advocacy

It's no secret that health insurance is confusing and often frustrating. For a small monthly fee, employers can offer employees a personal health care advocate through the professionals at Compass. 

Where should I go for out-patient procedures? What's my out-of-pocket? Is this claim paid correctly? These are just some of the things a health care advocate can help with. 

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Compass Health Care Advocates

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